Roextended 2.7 released

Whats new:

-new Romania route from Oradea outskirts to Deva, and from Sebes to Brasov.
-Brad and Sibiu – new cities
-garage in Hunedoara
-pedestrian crossing, AI stoping to let them pass
-changed vegetation, roads, intersections, sidewalks in 90% of the map (except newer parts)
-custom semaphore profiles for Moldova and Ukraine (not generic ones)
-2 types of police cars and one army car (active in traffic)
-changed look on 90% of the cities
-Odesa and Muchacevo rebuilted.
-Kiev partialy modernized
-new navigation signs in 90% of the map – bilingual signs
-city limits bilingual signs.
-animated gates for some companies, Chernobyl/Pripyat pass or border.
-double check border points in all borders (even RC ones)

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