Links of ETS2 1.40 Big Free Map Combo (Alternative list) – June, 24 2021

New big and alternative map combo for ETS2 1.40 includes 18 maps.


📌Great Steppe 2.0 (Download all the files, put them in one place and start unzip from the first one. Do not touch other files)
📌TR Extended 1.2.2 and road connections
📌Promods 2.55 and Middle East Add-on (instruction how to download and install
📌Ukraine Expansion
📌Lviv Oblast Expansion
📌Road to Asia
📌Project Greenland 0.20
📌Red Sea 1.3
📌North Macedonia Rework v1.4.1
📌Project Balkans 5.1
📌Rusmap 2.4.1
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.4 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg) 
📌Rusmap-Promods Road Connection
📌Kirov Map and fix:
📌Paris Rebuild 2.6
📌Tekirdağ Rebuild Map
📌Latvia Rebuild
📌Mini Mirrors
📌Compact Route Advisor
📌Full Screen map
📌Background Map by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here