Links to Big ETS2 1.42 Map Combo – October, 31 2021

Big map combo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.42. And probably it can work in Convoy mode (I haven’t tested). Including Promods, Rusmap, Roextended, South Region, Great Steppe and many more. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.42 and all map DLCs required.


📌Southern Region v10.5
Hot Fix (unzip and replace original files):
📌Roextended 3.2
📌Roex 3.1 – Southern Region Road Connection (doesn’t work with Roex 2.8 Free)
📌Roex – Rusmap
📌 Roex 3.1/2.8 – Middle East RC
📌 Roex – Promods
📌 Roex – Rhodes Fix
📌Azerbaijan Georgia (AZGE) Add-on
📌AZGE Middle East fix
📌AZGE – South Region RC
📌Project Caucasus
📌Project Caucasus Caps Fix
📌 Red Sea 1.3.1
📌Road to Asia 1.1.4
Youtube subscription with all map update (2€99/month) One shot payment (no update, version 3 only) Price is 2€99
📌Promods 2.57 and Middle East Add-on (video instruction how to download and install
📌Great Steppe 2.0 (Download all the files, put them in one place and start unzip from the first one. Do not touch other files)
📌Great Steppe English city names
📌Road to Aral Reborn
📌Caps fix for Road to Aral
📌Rusmap 2.4.2
📌Rusmap – Promods RC
📌SZM Addon 2.4.2
📌 Baltic Advertisement Improvement
📌Paris Rebuild 3.0
📌SibirMap 2.1.2b
📌Volga 1.41
📌Ireland Map 0.1.1
📌Corfu and Greek Islands
📌 Project Balkans 5.1
📌 Project Balkans Map Combo Fix v2
📌 Rhodes 1.0
📌 SCS Scale Hack Disable

📌Background Map and Crash Fix by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here

Bonus Mods:

📌Mini Mirrors
📌Compact Route Advisor
📌Full Screen map
📌Volvo Azerbaijan Skin