Links to ETS2 1.43 Map Combo – March, 21 2022

Map combo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.43. Including Promods, Roextended, EAA and many more. 23 Maps and also RCs, fixes and bonuses. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.43 and all map DLCs required.


📌Promods 2.60 and Middle East Add-on (video instruction how to download and install
📌Red Sea 1.3.3
📌Roextended 3.3
📌Roex Promods RC
📌Roex Rhodes Fix
📌Java Road Revolution (JRR) v0.35
📌EAA 6.4
(Official video: – includes additional optional mods)
📌EAA Promods Fix
📌EAA Fix for caps
📌EAA fix for map combo:
📌EAA Ferry to Europe Clean-Up
📌Azerbaijan Georgia (AZGE) Add-on
📌AZGE Middle East fix
📌 Road to Asia – AZGE ferry
📌Road to Asia 1.3
📌Corfu and Greek Islands 1.0.2
📌Paris Rebuild 3.1
📌Italy Revamp 0.1 Beta
📌Project Balkans 5.2
📌Project Balkans 5.2 Sabac Road Fix
📌Project Balkans Map Combo Fix
📌Project Balkans English City names
📌North Macedonia Rework 1.4.4
📌Latvia Rebuild
📌 House in Italy
📌 House in Italy Fix
📌Derry to Larne Road
📌Rhodes 1.0
📌Maghreb Map 0.2
📌Maghreb Promods Fix 0.2
📌Israel and Lebanon Open Border
📌Mediterranean Expansion 1.3
📌Swedish Islands 1.10
📌Tekirdağ Rebuild Map
📌Emden Add-on v5 for ProMods
📌Viva Malta 1.1
📌Background Map and Crash Fix by BenganJ (Updated by Arayas)
📌Full Screen Map

Bonus Mods:
📌Ukraine Paintjobs and accessories:
📌Ukraine Paintjob DLC
📌No War Truck and Trailer
📌Fields of Piece
📌Mini Mirrors