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The First Map Combo ETS2 1.47 – April, 29 2023

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The First Map Combo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.47. Including Roextended, Great Steppe, Southern Region, JRR, AZ-GE, Caucasus, Rusmap, Italrevamp. 8 maps and also RCs, fixes. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.47 and all map DLCs required.


📌Great Steppe Addon
📌Roextended 3.8 1.47
📌AZ-GE 1.47
📌Roex – AZGE – Rusmap – South Region RC
📌Project Caucasus
📌Project Caucasus Fix
📌Java Road Revolution (JRR) v0.60a
📌Rusmap 1.47
📌South Region
📌South Region/Rusmap fix
📌Azerbaijan Georgia (AZGE) Add-on 1.47
📌Italy Revamp 0.7
📌All World Map 2.8
📌Full Screen Map

Bonus Mods:

📌Mini Mirrors

Promods news for 1.47

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The Great Steppe add-on for Promods has been released today and available to download and Promods team teasing upcoming updates of whole their mods

So that means that we are expecting new versions of Promods 2.65 for ETS2 and Promods Canada 1.2.3 soon. While we have no content updates in ATS 1.47 version the ETS2 is going to show us a lot of new content including parts of Turkiye, Greece, Cyprus and Georgia (with Tbilisi – capital city). And maybe some parts of Middle East add-on.

Mario Map tested on 1.47

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Stolen and very old maps combined in early ears of ETS by Mario Bogdanov and was famous on garbage websites and forums. On the times when map combos were rare and very complicated to do. I found compatible version of the mod and tried it modern ETS2 1.47 and tried to see if is it something interesting in 2023. Spoiler alert: No. As I found on the internet initial bundles by Mario were created in ETS1 and for ETS2 is about version 1.15. Maybe early. I’m not distributing doubtful content so you have to find links to the mod somewhere else.

Reforma News

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The game has been updated to version 1.47, which means that old Reforma files will not work. But cool stuff is coming

Reforma team is working on a major revision of the entire map, mainly to optimize some of the cities with lag and to add additional elements such as sounds in certain areas, error corrections, improvements in the landscape. Many of the corrections are being handled by José (blaquichan), improvements by Stephanie on new assets and by Eblem.

Team is about to release 3 map extensions of Mexico this April and May. All will be paid for at the moment.
Reforma Los Altos v.2 by Milton, the second and final version of the Los Altos project is about to be released, which includes San Juan de los Lagos, Tepatitlán, as well as the previous areas like Lagos de Moreno, Encarnación de Díaz, and improvements in the city of Aguascalientes and the corridor towards SLP. Be attentive if you want to get your work in advance, you should support Milton directly, as well as the latest version of Reforma for 1.47.
Reforma Pacifico v.1 by Marco A new project! More details will be coming soon, which in its first version will include the city of Puerto Vallarta.
Reforma Noreste v.2 by Eblem, includes new extensions in the south of Coahuila, Parras, remodeling in San Luis Potosí, Matehuala and the corridor of the 57, it will also be available soon.
In addition…
-The Esterlon map will be free once team finish making final details for its publication, it will be available through the truckymods page, very soon in the coming days (likely within the month of April 2023). As a feature, new areas in the city of St. Louis have been completed and added by Raúl Martinez.

And…. more good news for the Mexico map in 2023
-The city of Saltillo is currently in the process of being created!
-The metropolitan area of Guadalajara is currently in the process of being created!
-The metropolitan area of Monterrey is already in planning stages and may be ready by the end of this year!
As for other projects in the US or Esterlon
-Pazz is still working on the new extension of his mod Pazz mod over southern California, Arizona and Sonora.
-Reforma is planning doing new extensions to Esterlon towards to the coast at the west and to the east in this year, also a new surprise for the US map which is under development.

When will the free version of Reforma for 1.47 be ready? The team is still working on it as mentioned above. It will take several more days to get the final free version of Reforma ready as they adapt all the necessary changes, as well as the compatibility patches with third-party maps, among the paid maps, etc.

Discovering 100% map on ETS2 1.47 Beta [Podcast]

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One hour of driving and opening 100% on new beta cut and timelapsed. Will talk also about update itself, DLCs, advises and wish list. Hope you like this kind of videos.

Today I’m not gonna share profile with save but if you can’t wait for final release and wish to open whole map right now, please use this text source file: