Month: July 2023

Full Map Discovered ATS 1.48 – Ready Profile, Files, Tutorial

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How to open 100% map in ATS 1.48? We have two ways. 1. Download ready profile from link below 2. Create new profile or modify your existing profile. With the source file where all sectors of the game discovered and the edit your game.sii
Please be careful and make a backup of your game profiles before starting

Text Source File with 100% discovered sectors

Ready profile I created. Just download, unzip and put in your profile folder

Tools mentioned in video:
Sublime Text

Mega Map Combo ETS2 1.47 and Tutorial – July, 8 2023

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This time I started video from small tutorial how to download and setup map combo properly. I hope it will be useful. Today’s mega map combo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.47 includes Promods 2.65, Poland Rebuilding, Roextended 3.8, ROS, Great Steppe, Updated South Region and Volga, Rusmap, EAA, JRR, AZ-GE, Caucasus, Sibir, Altay, Paris Rebuild and more. 33 maps and also RCs, fixes. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.47 and all map DLCs required.


📌Promods 2.65 + Middle East Addon + Great Steppe Addon (video instruction how to download and install Promods
📌Roextended 3.8 1.47
📌AZ-GE 1.47
📌Road Connections for Roex, AZGE, Promods, Rusmap, South Region
📌EAA 1.47 (+DLC Add-ons) (tutorial in English how to download EAA
📌EAA – Portugal Bridge (Add-on – EAA Ponte Brasil Portugal)
📌EAA Caps Fix
📌EAA Ferry Clean-up
📌EAA Promods fix
📌Poland Rebuilding 2.5.6
📌Silesia Rebuild 1.3
📌Project Caucasus
📌Project Caucasus Fix
📌Road to Asia 1.7
📌Road to Asia fix
📌Java Road Revolution (JRR) v0.60a
📌NIR (Northern Ireland Rebuilding) Map 0.5
📌Santiago de Compostela 5.0
📌Project E6
📌Project E6 fix/RC to Promods
📌Sud De France 1.8
📌North Macedonia Rework
📌Italy Revamp 0.7
📌Bulgaria in Focus
📌Project Balkans 5.5
📌Project Balkans Combo Fix
📌Map Altay 1.5.1
📌Altai Caps Fix
📌Rusmap 1.47
📌Russian Open Spaces 13 for 1.47 (Rescaled)
📌Tobolsk-Tumen Road connection
📌Segezha-Onega Road Connection
📌Speed on Snow for ROS
📌Russian Open Spaces Map Combo fix
📌English City Names for ROS 13
📌Horn of Africa (Somalia) 0.3.1
📌Sibir Map 2.6
📌SibirMap Train Connection Removed
📌SibirMap Caps Fix
📌Volga 1.5.1
📌South Region 12.1
📌El Enclaves 0.41b
📌Bourges Update 1.0.1
📌Peyrat-le-Château 1.0
📌Paris Rebuild 3.3 (Promods version)
📌Bengans’s Swedish Islands Map 1.47-1.1
📌Belarus Timezone Fix
📌Sibir Timezone fix
📌All World Map 2.8
📌Full Screen Map

Bonus Mods:

📌Mini Mirrors