Mega Map Combo for ETS2 1.50 – Tutorial – July, 6 2024

The update of Mega map combo for ETS2 1.50 with Promods 2.70, Roextended 4.2, Eurafrica 3.0, Beyond 1.0, Rusmap 2.51, AZ-GE, Caucasus and more. 31 maps and also RCs, fixes. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.50 and all map DLCs required (including West Balkans). Premium maps are optional.


📌Promods 2.70 + Middle East Addon + Great Steppe Addon (video instruction how to download and install Promods
📌Eurafrica 3.0
📌Roextended 4.2
UPDATE📌AZ-GE 4.2 v3 (If you own the copy of the mod it will work in this version of the game, but in the future it will probably disappear from map combos)
UPDATE📌Road Connections for Roex, Promods, Middle East Addon, Rusmap (H2 v4)
📌Project Caucasus 1.50-1.0
📌Beyond 1.0 (Former Road to Asia, Road to Africa, Red Sea)
📌Beyond – Great Steppe Addon fix
📌Beyond Country Registration Separator 1.50-1.1
NEW📌Beyond – Middle-East Connection 1.50-1.2
📌EurAfrica Beyond RC Country Registration Seperator Fix
NEW📌Project Palestine 1.2.1
📌Heart of Africa 0.15
📌Heart of Africa fix 1.50-1.1
UPDATE📌Sud De France 1.9.3
UPDATE📌rusmap 2.51
NEW📌rusmap 2.51 patch (replace file from above mod)
📌Off the grid 1.3
📌Off the grid fix 1.50-1.0
📌Russian Open Spaces 13.1 1.50
UPDATE📌All ROS Rcs in one 0.4
📌ROS Traffic Fix 1.50-1.0
📌Speed on Snow for ROS
📌ROS English City Names
📌Altai Map 1.6
📌Altai Sign Fix 1.50-2.0
NEW📌More Swiss Towns Promods Add-on 1.0.0
📌Sibirmap 2.8.1
📌Sibirmap – Great Steppe Fix 1.1
📌Sibirmap Caps Fix v 1.50-1.0
📌Sibirmap Remove Train Connection 1.50-1.0
📌Trans-Siberian Truckway 1.2a (RCs included)
📌Trans Siberian Truckway Fix 1.50-1.0
NEW📌Latvia Rebuild 1.40
NEW📌Portugal Rebuild v 0.1.3
NEW📌Portugal Rebuild UI add-on 1.1
📌Bourges Update 1.0.2
📌Peyrat-le-Château 1.0
📌Itarevamp 1.1a
📌MedMap Reborn 1.50-2.1
📌Medmap – ItaRevamp fix 1.50-1.0
NEW📌Santiago de Compostela 7
📌Laval Add-on 1.2
📌Paris Rebuild 3.3 (Promods version)
📌Bengans’s Swedish Islands Map 1.50
📌Map Background and Crash Fix or alternative:
📌All World Map 3.0
📌Full Screen Map
📌Universal Flag and Localization fix 1.50-1.6.2

Bonus Mods:

📌Yet Another Route Adviser