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Big Map Combo for ETS2 1.50 – Tutorial – June, 8 2024

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Big ETS2 1.50 map combo with Roextended 4.2, Eurafrica 3, AZ-GE, Sibirmap, Great Steppe, Caucasus and many more. 17 maps and also RCs, fixes. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.50 and all map DLCs required. Premium maps are optional. News are faster at


📌Great Steppe Addon 1.1.0
📌Eurafrica 3.0
📌Roextended 4.2 for 1.50 or free version
📌AZ-GE 4.2 1.50
📌Project Caucasus 1.50-1.0
📌Heart of Africa 0.15
📌Heart of Africa fix 1.50-1.1
📌Sud De France 1.9.2
📌Itarevamp 1.1
📌MedMap Reborn 1.50-2.0
📌Medmap – ItaRevamp fix 1.50-1.0
📌Medmap Fix 1.50-1.0
📌Sibirmap 2.8.1
📌Sibirmap – Great Steppe Fix 1.1
📌Sibirmap Caps Fix v 1.50-1.0
📌Sibirmap Remove Train Connection 1.50-1.0
📌Bourges Update 1.0.2
📌Laval Add-on 1.2
📌Peyrat-le-Château 1.0
📌Yard in Bülach 1.1
📌Paris Rebuild 3.3
📌Bengans’s Swedish Islands Map 1.50-1.0
📌Map Background and Crash Fix or alternative:
📌All World Map 3.0
📌Full Screen Map

Bonus Mods:

📌Yet Another Route Adviser

ATS 1.50 Nebraska Map Combo – May 28 – 2024

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The first map combo for ATS 1.50 with Nebraska DLC. It includes already updated Coast to Coast, Promods Canada, Reforma, Great Midnorth, ATS Expansion and other mods. Links below consist 7 maps and additions. Only Free mods.


📌Coast to Coast Map
📌Promods Canada 1.3.0
📌Reforma Mega Resources
📌Reforma OtherMaps Patch 22.150
📌Reforma Promods Background Fix
📌ATS Expansion v8.7.5
📌The Great Mid North 1.50-2
📌The Great Mid North – Promods Canada RC 1.50-1
📌Project Better Arizona 0.4
📌Project Better Arizona Reforma Connection 1.8
📌Washington Lake Cabin
📌Background map


📌minimal adviser interface for ATS & ETS2
📌Alternate F2 Mirrors

Smallest Map Combo in history for ETS2 1.50 – May, 26 2024 * Quattro Modaggi

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Probably the smallest map combo on trucksim. Designed for people who already on 1.50 but cannot wait for big map combos. It includes Roextended 4.2, Eurafrica 3, AZ-GE and Sud de France. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.50 and all map DLCs required. Premium maps are optional.


📌Eurafrica 3.0
📌Roextended 4.2
📌AZ-GE 1.49
📌Sud De France 1.9.2
📌All World Map 3.0

How to open 100% map in ETS2 1.50

0 commentsEuro Truck SimulatorMaps1.50100% discovered mapDLCETS2full map openedgame.siiGuidesteam achievemntsTrucksimWest Balkans

We have two ways.
1. Download ready profile from link below
2. Create new profile or modify your existing profile. With the source file where all sectors of the game discovered and the edit your game.sii
! Please be careful and make a backup of your game profiles before starting

Files created in May 2024 and can be outdated later

Text Source File with 100% discovered sectors
Ready profile I created. Just download, unzip and put in your profile folder

Tools mentioned in video: TS SE
Sublime Text

Last Mega Map Combo for ETS2 1.49 – Tutorial – April, 28 2024

0 commentsEuro Truck SimulatorMapsMods1.49africaazgecaucasusETS2ets2 map comboEurafricagrand utopiaGuideMap ComboPromodsRIWroad to aralRoad to wildernessRoex 4.1RoExtendedTrucksimtutorialWest Balkans

Final update for 1.49 mega map combo (since 1.50 is coming) for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with Promods 2.68, Roextended 4.1, Eurafrica 2.9, Grand Utopia, Heart of Africa, Poland Rebuilding, Road to Africa, Road into Wilderness, AZ-GE, Horn of Africa, Road to Aral, Caucasus and more. 42 maps and also RCs, fixes. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.49 and all map DLCs required (including West Balkans). Premium maps are optional.


📌Promods 2.68 + Middle East Addon + Great Steppe Addon (video instruction how to download and install Promods
📌Eurafrica 2.9
📌Roextended 4.1 for 1.49 or free version
📌AZ-GE 1.49
📌Road Connections for Roex, AZGE, Promods, Rusmap, Poland Rebuilding, South Region
📌Poland Rebuilding 2.5.8
📌Silesia 1.5.1
UPDATE📌Road to Aral Rework
📌Grand Utopia 15.5
📌European Grand Utopia
📌Project Caucasus 1.49-1.1
📌Java Road Revolution (JRR) v0.70a
📌NIR (Northern Ireland Rebuilding) Map 0.60
📌Road to Asia 1.7.2
📌Road to Asia Fix 1.49-1.0
📌Road to Africa 1.0.2
📌Road to Africa – ProMods Middle-East RC
📌Road to Africa Ferry to Hurghada
📌Horn of Africa 0.6.2
📌Horn of Africa – Road to Africa 0.6.2
📌Road into Wilderness 1.2
📌Road Into Wilderness – Road to Africa road connection 1.0.2
📌Road into Wilderness – Horn of Africa road connection 0.2
UPDATE📌Road into Wilderness Horn of Africa Road to Africa Fix 1.49-1.1
📌Road into Wilderness Java Road Revolution Fix 1.49-1.0
📌Heart of Africa 0.1
📌Heart of Africa fix 1.49-1.0
📌Santiago de Compostela 7
📌Iberia Rework 1.2.5
📌Iberia Rework Fix
📌Portugal Rebuild 0.1.3
📌North Macedonia Rework 1.5.3
📌Sud De France 1.9
📌Israel-Lebanon Open Borders 1.49-1.0
📌Channel Tunnel Unhidden
📌Project E6 2.6
📌Project E6 Hotfix + Road Connection 2.2
📌Northern Cyprus Addon
📌rusmap 2.49
📌Off the grid 1.2
📌South Region 12.2
UPDATE📌Sibirmap 2.8
UPDATE📌Sibirmap Caps Fix v 1.49-1.1
📌Sibirmap Remove Train Connection 1.49-1.0
📌russian Open Spaces 13
📌ROS Traffic Fix
📌Tobolsk-Tumen Road connection
📌Segezha-Onega Road Connection
📌Moscow-Kovrov Road Connection
NEW📌[1.49] Арск and Киров Road Connection
📌Kolomna-Krasniy Bogatir Road Connection
📌Speed on Snow for ROS
📌ROS English City Names
📌Volga Map 1.5.1
📌Volga Map Fix for 1.49
📌Bourges Update 1.0.2
📌Latvia rebuild v1.30
📌Promods Germany Improvements
📌Peyrat-le-Château 1.0
📌Home in Badajoz (Spain)
📌Bulgaria in Focus
📌Paris Rebuild 3.3 (Promods version)
📌Pink Posts Fix 1.49-1.0
📌Bengans’s Swedish Islands Map 1.49
📌All World Map 2.9
📌Full Screen Map
📌Universal Flag Fix 3.1

Bonus Mods:

📌Mini Mirrors
📌Route Adviser