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ETS2 11 Maps Combo for 1.37 (Setup Video Guide)

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Better late than never! I finally combined first pack of maps fro ETS2 1.37 Initially I was waiting for the Promods adaptation for new patch and played small obvious combos But Promods 2.6 for 1.37 for this day (17.05.2020) is still expecting Also the South Region 8 is still in beta but works well and looks amazing after refresh and rescale The most Road Connections are updated for this time so it is possible to combine 11 maps Unfortunately Brazilian EAA for 1.37 map is still not compatible and need a fix Also I excluded Caucasus Mod which connects YKSRSK and Great Steppe so we cannot travel from Azerbaijan to Kazakhstan Before we start the combo setup please note that you should have all map DLCs and version of game have to be 1.37

All the map mods links in video description