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Grand Utopia 1.11 for 1.41

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Grand Utopia map project for the game Euro Truck Simulator 2, at 1:1 scale.

Grand Utopia is a fictional world which invites virtual truckers to discover new places and new roads.
Inspired from France.


Meulan : This is the only town in the update. Located to the east of the Utopia port in the extension of the A6 motorway, Meulan was designed around a river that crosses it from north to south. Several districts are available, the town centre and its quays, a logistics zone to the south, a commercial zone to the west and another zone to the east on the hillside. The town also has two motorway junctions which will allow me to extend the road network to the south, north and west
Krautergersheim : This commune is a small seaside village and is located on the coastal road between Meulan and Utopia. You will find some narrow streets, typical of small French villages. Although its name is Alsatian in sound, the village has been built in a Mediterranean style due to the massive use, once again, of the new items from the Iberia DLC.
Maisnil-lΓ¨s-Libercourt : Initially planned for the southern tip of the island, this village was finally built on the plains to the east of Port-Aelvinque. Here I tried to recreate the atmosphere of the small farming villages of our French provinces. Surrounded by fields, this village will be located on a future major departmental road that will eventually link the towns of Meulan and Grandville.

Download: https://www.grandutopia.fr/

Update of RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 for 1.37

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Beautiful 1:1 scale standalone map of German region Heilbronn was released with numerous updates and compatible with latest 1.37 patch. Please find below changelog for version 1.1:

  • A6: expanded (east) -> expanded to exit of Crailsheim with new exit’s, cities and industrial zones
  • A81: expanded (north) -> expanded to Osterburken
  • A81: Neuenstadt to MΓΆckmΓΌhl reworked and added realistic restplaces
  • A81: Untergruppenbach to Ilsfeld –> complete rebuild
  • New City “Bad Rappenau” with connection Road added
  • A6: Cross Weinsberg to Bretzfeld -> complete rebuild
  • A6: Cross Weinsberg to HN/Zentrum / Neckarsulm reworked
  • A6: Roadwork from Cross Weinsberg to Bad Rappenau is now expanded and up to date like RL. Also some parts have been reworked
  • A6: Roadwork of the new Neckartal Bridge updated (Heilbronn to Neckarsulm)
  • A6: Restplace Neckarsulm to Kreuz Weinsberg removed (Roadwork in RL)
  • A6: Rastplatz Hohenlohe -> complete reworked (now its like rl)
  • New Autobahn Sightseeing signs added (thanks to Dan89)
  • Entrace/Exit of the Industrial Area in HN-Neckargartach reworked
  • bugs fixed


Hungary Map for ETS2 1.37 Updated!!!

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The version of Hungary Map that is compatible with the current 1.37 game patch by Indian56. Amazing standalone big scale map with over 70 cities of Hungary. Please select select hungary.mbd profile.

The video is for 1.36 but there is no changes in map in the update. Compatibility only.

Credits: Frank007, Indian56

Download (Please respect the developer, keep original link if you share the mod)