Links to ETS2 Map Combo (Free) – August 25 2020

Links to mods from video. Please do not re-upload mods. Respect developer’s work!

📌EuRoadNet 1.0a
📌North Map 1.7
📌The Great Steppe 1.36 (Kazakhstan) (Def and map from the archive should be replaced with below custom version)
📌The Great Steppe updated def and map file (this file should replace original defmap)
📌Road to Aral 1.2
📌Southern Region Map v9.0
📌Rusmap 2.2.1
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.2.1 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg)
📌Rusmap – Great Steppe RC
📌Project Turkey 1.1
Project Turkey – Southern Region RC
📌ROEX 2.3.5 by Arayas
📌ROEX 2.3.5 – Rusmap 2.2 Road Connection
📌Caucasus Mod
Poland-Detail-Adding 1.0 Beta
📌Swedish Islands 1.02
📌Full Screen map
📌Background Map by BenganJ