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New Youtube channel

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You know me as punkito and my channel called punkitocom. The channel is very old. The first video was added on it on  20th February of 2007. Can you imagine? The channel is 14 years old. Recently I was sharing there videos mostly about truck simulator games but unfortunately channel initially was made as personal and currently have a long tail of kinda off topic footage. So I decided to create a new channel and new brand for trucking games videos, hauls, guides, convoys, map combos etc. And on punkitocom keep as more personal with various contents like other gameplay, commercials, dashcam videos, vlog etc. News channel called trucksim same as this website trucksim.top. I created it from the scratch and hope truck lovers audience will switch to it slightly. Today trucksim has less than 100 subscribers and I even cannot change the URL to custom one:) i guess the new channel development and promotion will not be easy but hope you – my visitors and subscribers – will support me. Please check out my new channel and subscribe it if you wish to get further trucking videos.

Russia Open Spaces Map Combo

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This map combination is smaller than regular big or mega combo and the reason is – Russian Open Spaces map. it is return of the map to our combo.


📌Russian Open Spaces 10 (for ETS2 1.40) (Download all the files)

1) https://sharemods.com/a0nhqf22aevq/Russian_open_spaces_40.rar.html
2) https://sharemods.com/328jc1brpwlf/Russian_open_spaces_40map.rar.html (Do not use this file in combo, if you use Promzona)
3) https://sharemods.com/b20ooew8rv1x/Russian_open_spaces_model_40.rar.html
4) https://sharemods.com/l54uoi57vt36/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_40.rar.html
5) https://sharemods.com/bgtinxxruxg1/Russian_open_spaces_vehicle_truck_40.rar.html

📌Additional Mods for Russian Open Spaces

Definitions and Units Settings for map https://sharemods.com/lmtyws4s4p0u/All_propiska.rar.html
Heavy Cargo for Russian Open Spaces https://sharemods.com/mqcrv6uha7ml/R_O_S_heavy_cargo_40.rar.html
Double Trailers for Russian Open Spaces https://sharemods.com/vs0q52aofi5b/Trailer_double_ROS_40.rar.html
Speed on Snow https://sharemods.com/5eulm319yijl/the_speed_of_the_snow.rar.html
Second Parking Spot Contour (if you cant find the first under the snow) https://sharemods.com/5guo902howqt/2_kontur.rar.html

📌Promzona 10 (ROS-Rusmap-Promods Road Connection) https://sharemods.com/imgw7r7qe5nx/PROMZONA_10_1.40_ROS_RM_PR.rar.html
📌Promods 2.55 and Middle East Add-on
https://www.promods.net (instruction how to download and install https://youtu.be/fsJL6ugq7TA)
📌Southern Region v10.1 https://sharemods.com/zvjj49v0jy0d/SRmap_10.1.7z.html
📌Rusmap 2.4.1 https://sharemods.com/c5elfriiipo3/RusMap_2.4.1.7z.html
📌Project Turkey 1.3.5 Lite https://sharemods.com/rwv10uq2t37f/TM135LITE.scs.html
📌Project Turkey – Middle East RC https://sharemods.com/pz28yup1mwn3/TML135ME255RC.scs.html
📌ROEX 2.9.5 (or free 2.6.5) by Arayas http://www.roextended.ro
📌Roex 2.9.5/2.6.5 – Promods 2.55 Road Connection https://sharemods.com/l9dlkiek3uqz/ROEXallPM255RC.scs.html
📌Roex 2.9.5 – Rusmap 2.4.0 Road Connection https://sharemods.com/34wuitwxp9hp/ROEX295RusMap240RCv2.scs.html
📌Roex 2.6.5 – Rusmap 2.4.0 Road Connection https://sharemods.com/t5klifnprdou/ROEX265RusMap240RCv2.scs.html
📌Roex 2.95 – Southern Region Road Connection (Don’t use if you’re on free Roex 2.6.5)
📌Rusmap – Promods Road Connection https://sharemods.com/s1ts80fll9o4/PM255_RM2.4.1_roadconnection.scs.html
📌Universal light fix for maps [1.40] https://sharemods.com/zg4bs5qjdce8/ULFIX140v4.scs.html
📌Mini Mirrors https://sharemods.com/vt9p3fa0xdm7/Mini_Mirrors_ETS2.scs.html
📌Compact Route Advisor https://sharemods.com/n6cgb9tuvflz/Route_Adviser_1.38.scs.html
📌Full Screen map https://sharemods.com/rcwp8qybndwz/fsworldmap.scs.html
📌Background Map and Crash Fix by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here

The First Post

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I created this blog to share mods, news, reviews and of cause my thoughts and videos about Euro Truck Simulator and American Truck Simulator by SCS Software. I know that the games are popular and a lot of resources available but see no reason to refuse another one:)