Links to Promods Map Combo – August 29 2020

The first combo with Promods is here
Map is getting bigger and richer for beautiful places to visit 
But there are nuances in this particular maps combo
Some maps enlarged and overlap neighborhoods so Road Connections are fix the situation 
But if you want to get full contents of Rusmap or Promods you have to use these maps separately
Also please note that depending to different road connections content can be changed
Please don’t complain to wrong connector, you can use another one if it works and satisfy you
But let’s return to the combo itself, 14 maps are here – new Volga map, Great Steppe and Southern Region, Promods 2.50 with couple beautiful add-ons, Romania Extended and its amazing Road Connections
Before starting the setup please note that you should have all map DLCs and 1.38 game patch

📌Southern Region Map v9
📌Volga Map
📌The Great Steppe 1.38 (Kazakhstan)
📌Rusmap 2.2.1
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.2.1 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg)
📌Rusmap – Great Steppe RC
📌Promods 2.50 and Middle East Add-on (instruction how to download and install
📌Promods-Rusmap Road Connection (Promods version)
📌Riga Metro Area Rebuild 1.2
📌Læsø – ProMods Add-on 1.2
📌Project Turkey 1.1
Project Turkey – Southern Region RC
Project Turkey – Middle East RC
📌ROEX 2.7 by Arayas
📌ROEX 2.7 Add-on adds alternative routing in Cluj and fixes
📌ROEX 2.7 – Rusmap and Promods Road Connection v2
📌Roex 2.7 – Southern Region Road Connection
📌Paris Rebuild 2.6
📌Swedish Islands 1.10
📌Full Screen map
📌Background Map by BenganJ