Links to Map Combo – November, 12 2020

The first map combo for ETS2 1.39 is here
I prepared some maps combinations before but it was busy days to share it on the video
And new maps were being released one by one
So this one includes new Promods, RoExtended, Road Connections 

📌PJ Indo Map v2.7 Beta 1 (October 2020)
📌The Great Steppe 1.38 (Kazakhstan)
The Great Steppe 1.38.1 Fix (Replace def and map with this one)
📌Volga Map
📌Volga map fix (replace map file with this one)
📌Promods 2.51 and Middle East Add-on (instruction how to download and install
📌Israel and Lebanon Open Border
📌Rusmap 2.2.1
📌Rusmap – Great Steppe RC
📌SZM 2.0
📌Mediterranean Expansion 1.21
📌Project Turkey 1.2.1 RTP
📌Project Turkey – Middle East RC
📌ROEX 2.8  (or free 2.5) by Arayas
📌Universal ROEX 2.8 – Rusmap – Promods Road Connection
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.2.1 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg)
📌Swedish Islands 1.10
📌Project Caucasus 0.9a
📌Paris Rebuild 2.6
📌House in Italy
📌Mini Mirrors
📌Compact Route Advisor
📌Full Screen map
📌Background Map by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here