Links to ATS 1.41 Big Map Combo – July 17 2021

The first ATS map combo for ATS 1.41. It includes Reforma, Coast to Coast, Montana, Alaska and other mods. Links below consists 5 maps, road connections and patches.


📌Reforma Map
📌Reforma C2C patch v8
📌Coast to Coast Map 2.11.15
📌Montana Expansion 1.0
📌Montana – Canadream RC
📌Midwest Expansion 164
📌Project Mid Atlantic
📌Alaska Route 1.1.1
📌Promods Canada 1.0.1
📌Caribbean Map 1.1.1 (The link was removed by claim from TerraMaps)
📌Canadream 2.41
📌Promods Canada – Canadream RC
📌Promods Canada – Canadream RC fix
📌Reforma Promods BG Fix
📌Background map –


📌Hemil’s Route Advisor
📌Mini Mirrors
📌Full Screen map