Links to Mega Map Combo – July, 9 2021

Probably the last mega map combo for Euro Truck Simulator 2 1.40. Return of Road to Aral and Emden, some new connections. Please follow the instructions in video and also please note that version 1.40 and all map DLCs required.


📌Rhodes 1.0
📌Java Road Revolution 0.2
📌Java Road Revolution updated Def Map (replace original)
📌Real Europe Project 1.0.1
📌Road to Asia (The link was removed by claim from TerraMaps)
📌Great Steppe 2.0 (Download all the files, put them in one place and start unzip from the first one. Do not touch other files)
📌Road to Aral Reborn
📌Caps fix for Road to Aral
📌SibirMap 2.1.1
📌Southern Region v10.1
📌Volga Map
📌Promods 2.55 and Middle East Add-on (video instruction how to download and install
📌Red Sea 1.3 (The link was removed by claim from TerraMaps)
📌North Macedonia Rework v1.4.1
📌Project Balkans 5.1
📌Israel and Lebanon Open Border 4.0
📌Rusmap 2.4.1
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.4 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg) 
📌Rusmap – Promods – Poland Rebuilding RC
📌SZM 2.0
📌Kirov Map and fixes:
📌Poland Rebuilding 2.5
📌Poland Rebuilding 2.5 Show Road Fix
📌Poland – North Macedonia fix
📌MedMap ProMods FIX by JerrytheTrucker
📌MedMap ProMods ME FIX by JerrytheTrucker
📌Mediterranean Expansion 1.3
📌Mediterranean Expansion – Rhodes Ferry connection
📌Mediterranean Expansion – Viva Malta Ferry connection by BlazingCreeperx
📌EAA 6.1.1 (May, 18 2021 update)
(Official video: – includes additional optional mods)
📌EAA 6.1 – PM 2.55 Fix
📌Rusmap and EAA fix
📌EAA Fix for caps by JerrytheTrucker
📌Add-on – EAA Ponte Brasil Portugal (Bridge from Iberia to EAA)
📌EAA fix for mountains and buildings in EAA when used in a map combo:
📌ROEX 3.0 and 2.7 Free by Arayas
📌Roex 3.0/2.7 – Promods 2.55 and Poland Rebuilding 2.5
📌Roex 3.0/2.7 – Middle East RC
📌Roex 3.0/2.7 – Rusmap 2.41 Road Connection
📌Roex 3.0 – Southern Region Road Connection (nit work with Roex 2.7 Free)
📌Roex 3.0/2.7 – Rhodes Fix
📌Azerbaijan Georgia (AZGE) Add-on
📌AZGE Middle East fix
📌AZGE – South Region RC
📌Project Caucasus
📌Południowa Polska 1.3
📌Southern Poland Fixes
📌Swedish Islands 1.10
📌Paris Rebuild 2.6
📌Tekirdağ Rebuild Map
📌Emden Add-on for ProMods 2.55
📌Project Greenland 0.20
📌Latvia Rebuild
📌Viva Malta
📌Inner German Border
📌House in Italy
📌House in Italy Fix
📌House in Lyon
📌Stuttgart Signs Fix
📌Derry to Larne Road
📌Universal light fix for maps [1.40]
📌Universal Localization 1.6.1
📌ProMods Iberia DLC Prefab AI Fix
📌Ferry from Travemunde to Trelleborg and Oslo by Steffen Berg
📌Background Map and Crash Fix by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here

Bonus Mods:

📌Mini Mirrors
📌Compact Route Advisor
📌Full Screen map
📌Painted BDF Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌Bus Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌Painted Trucks Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌Truck Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌Brazilian Traffic Pack by Jazzycat
📌Range T Azerbaijan Paintjob
📌Socar Combo Skin Paintjob