Links to ATS Map Combo – October 5 2020

Another update for American Map Combo with new Great America, Australia and Bellingham Heights 
This is free setup and not include Chihuahua which is still paid map
The combo compatible with 1.38 and require all map DLCs

Viva Mexico 2.5.8
Mexico Extremo 2.1.16
Mexssimap 1.7
PaZzMod 1.3
Reforma Sierra Nevada 2.2.24
Mega Resources 2.1.14
Grand Canyon Rebuild V1.2
US Expansion 2.7
Montana Expansion 0.7.8
Mega Resources for Great America
Great America 1.6
Great America-Montana Road Connection
Elko & Redding retouched
Alaska Ice Road, Australia Outback, Library
Bellingham Heights Improvements 4.1.3
Mega Resources C2C Patch v.3
Hemil’s Route Advisor for 1.38
Mini Mirrors
Background map – you can choose preferred map BG here