Links to Mega Maps Combo – November, 22 2020

New big map combo for Euro Truck Simulator 1.39 is here


📌Rhodes 1.0
📌Mediterranean Expansion – Rhodes Ferry connection
📌PJ Indo Map v2.7 Beta 1 (October 2020)
📌The Great Steppe 1.38 (Kazakhstan)
The Great Steppe 1.38.1 Fix (Replace def and map with this one)
📌Southern Region Map v9
📌Fix for Southern Region for 1.39 by Arayas
📌Volga Map
📌Volga map fix (replace map file with this one)
📌Promods 2.51 and Middle East Add-on (instruction how to download and install
📌North Macedonia Rework v1.4.0
📌Israel and Lebanon Open Border
📌Rusmap 2.2.1
📌Rusmap – Great Steppe RC
📌SZM 2.0
📌Mediterranean Expansion 1.21
📌EAA 5.5 (for 1.39)
(Official video: – includes additional optional links)
📌Promods и Rusmap fixes for EAA
📌Project Turkey 1.2.1 RTP
📌Project Turkey – Middle East RC
📌Project Turkey – South Region RC
📌ROEX 2.8  (or free 2.5) by Arayas
📌Universal ROEX 2.8 – Rusmap – Promods Road Connection
📌Roex 2.8 – Southern Region Road Connection (Don’t use if you on free 2.5 version)
📌Piter for Rusmap v2.2.1 (Expansion of Saint Petersburg)
📌Swedish Islands 1.10
📌Project Caucasus 0.9a
📌Paris Rebuild 2.6
📌Latvia Rebuild
📌House in Italy
📌Mini Mirrors
📌Compact Route Advisor
📌Full Screen map
📌Background Map by BenganJ
You can choose preferred map background here