Big ATS 1.45 Map Combo – September 17 2022

The big American map combo for ATS 1.45. It includes Promods Canada, Reforma, Coast to Coast, Discover Ontario, Alaska, Montana Expansion, Caribbean Map and other mods. Links below consist 13 maps, road connections and patches.


📌Caribbean Map 1.3.1, LA Ferry Terminal and C2C RC
📌Caribbean C2C Fix
📌Caribbean Reforma fix
📌Caribbean Promods fix
📌Promods 1.2.1
📌Reforma 2.3.6 + Mega Resources 2.3.6
📌Coast to Coast Map
📌Reforma C2С Patch v14
📌Montana Expansion 2.0 0.1.9
📌50 United (Former Midwest Expansion) 0.170
📌Discover Ontario 0.1.7
📌Pacific Map 1.1.1
📌Radiator Springs
📌Route Alaska 1.5S
📌Project Better Arizona 0.2.1
📌Project Better Arizona Reforma RC
📌Lite Urban Overhaul 15.2
📌MUO/Reforma/LA Ferry Patch v1.1.1
📌MUO/Reforma Compatibility Patch 1.7.1
📌Lake Cabin 1.0.4
📌Background map Background map
📌Combo Crash Fix


📌Full Screen Map (Do not unzip it just put in mod folder)
📌Mini Mirrors