How to Merge Profiles Map Progress in ETS2 and ATS

The video below is kind a tutorial about profile modification on ETS2 and ATS and with another purpose – merge two existing profiles. I hope you have seen my videos about game save modification to open undiscovered routes on map. There we grab data from from one profile and put it on another one – copy strings with discovered sectors and place them to new or existing profile. It is good if you have source with all roads opened and create new profile or update your current game save with them. E.g when you want to start with opened map or get achievements on steam or lost you progress. It is not so complicated if you can use proper tools and know what to do. Watch my step by step tutorial. But the method I provided in my guides and files I’ve shared is for 100% vanilla map and moving one data to another profile entirely – on that way you can only move all or nothing. So the method doesn’t work if you want to merge two game saves with different progress – in all cases source will overweight the target. That is because in every profile we have exact order of strings and if you copy data partially profile could be crashed because of wrong order and duplicates. Long story short – yes you can merge two or more profiles in one but if you just copy data you will have to modify the string one by one and it is not a problem if you have file with ten or hundred strings but we have in our saves thousand hundreds string for vanilla profile and probably millions if add some mod maps. So here is another way. Let’s try to automate files modification and merging.

Tools mentioned in video:

TS SaveEditor Tool –
Notepad++ –
TXT file with all discovered items (ETS2 1.47 with all DLC and Promods 2.65):