Links to ATS Map Combo – September 24 2020

It was long time since American big map combo
The reason is map development for ATS slows down
Most of the major mod maps are not updated for two months and even more
Still no Promods Canada, Project East discontinued
But we can visit Australia!!  New add-on from creator of Alaska ice Road and for those who like extreme limits we have MONKAMX MAP


Viva Mexico 2.5.8
Mexico Extremo 2.1.16
Mexssimap 1.7
PaZzMod 1.3.00 (Mexico)
Elko & Redding retouched
Reforma Sierra Nevada 2.2.24
Mega Resources 2.1.14
Mega Resources C2C Patch v3
US Expansion 2.7
Coast to Coast Map 2.11.8a
Grand Canyon Rebuild V1.2
Midwest Expansion 0.157
Canadream 2.11
Canadream Toll fix
Alaska Ice Road, Australia Outback, Library
Hemil’s Route Advisor for 1.38
Mini Mirrors
Background map – you can choose preferred map BG here