Great America v1.8

As you may know beautiful Great America map for ATS became paid and unfortunately will not be included to map combos. But you still can use this amazing mod supporting author – voith

What’s new in 1.8:

  • All missing roads in Wyoming added. Wyoming is DONE!
  • Totally new 1100 mile road added and rebuild.
  • Is 80 reopened with amazing quality. Voith tries to add all crosses and intersections and scenic towns.
  • Rock Springs, Laramie, Rawlins and ton of scenic town added in Wyoming.
  • All interstate 80 rebuild.
  • Missing part of is-80 in Nebraska added and this road rebuild.
  • Ton of bugs fixed all around map.
  • Freightliner dealer problem fixed.
  • Montana road connection improved

Load order with other maps:

Map Background
Promods Canada assets pack
Promods Canada definition pack
Promods Canada map pack
Promods Canada model pack
Great Amerca-Montana expansion road connection v4
Great America 1.8
Mega resources Great America patch
Mega resources
Sierra Nevada
Pazzmod Viva Mexico legacy patch
Viva Mexico Legacy
Mexico extremo or Chihuahua
Montana assets
Montana expansion