Links to Big ATS Map Combo – January 13 2020

Big ATS map combo including Promods Canada, Coast to Coast, Midwest expansion and many more. 16 maps, road connections and patches.


📌Viva Mexico Legacy 2.0.10
📌Mexico Extremo 2.1.18
📌Mexssimap 1.8.1 
📌PaZzMod 1.4.00 
📌Pazzmod Viva Mexico Legacy Patch
📌Elko & Redding retouched
📌Sierra Nevada 2.2.30
📌Mega Resources 2.1.20
📌Reforma C2C patch v2
📌Mega Resources C2C Patch v3
📌Caribbean Map 1.0.2 by TerraMaps
📌Island Map 0.1.2 (NEW)
📌Coast to Coast Map 2.11.11 
📌Radiator Springs (NEW)
📌Promods Canada
📌Reforma Promods Fix
📌Promods Canada – Canadream RC
📌Grand Canyon Rebuild V1.3 (NEW)
📌Midwest Expansion 0.160c Free (NEW 
📌Canadream 2.39.2
📌Alaska Ice Road, Australia Outback (NEW), Library (NEW)
📌SCS map improvements (Former Bellingham Heights) 1.1.259
📌Hemil’s Route Advisor
📌Mini Mirrors
📌Full Screen map
📌Background map – you can choose preferred map BG here