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Links to ATS Map Combo – September 6 2020

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Today’s American Map Combo is quite big but compact
New Great America, Montana Expansion, Alaska and many other beautiful maps. The combo compatible with 1.38 and Idaho DLC

Viva Mexico 2.5.8 https://sharemods.com/li3g0ywmexwb/VivaMexico_v2_5_8_hugoces.scs.html
Mexico Extremo 2.1.16  https://sharemods.com/8i7urkf5qj2u/Reforma_MexicoExtremo_2_1_16.scs.html
Mexssimap 1.7  https://sharemods.com/3rrkzl3mz1vt/Mexxssimap1.7.scs.html
PaZzMod 1.3  https://sharemods.com/59wj3vn10p64/PaZzMod-V-1-3-00-MEX.scs.html
Reforma Sierra Nevada 2.2.24 https://sharemods.com/rrrw4w30mzl3/Reforma_Sierra_Nevada_v2_2_24.scs.html
Mega Resources 2.1.14  https://sharemods.com/qv23cnpeahjf/Mega_Resources_v2_1_14.scs.html
Grand Canyon Rebuild V1.2 http://modsfile.com/rn7ez6lcjvvj/Grand_Canyon_Rebuild_V1.2.scs.html
US Expansion 2.7 https://sharemods.com/w5xotd8ex3l6/US_Expansion_v2.7-SN.scs.html
(NEW) Montana Expansion 0.7.8 https://mega.nz/file/vkcmUIKY#70d1VHY5ULsk1LqBlsk_BGRy37usOx5gEvrGlhyVvhg (place Montana Assets above Montana Expansion)
Mega Resources for Great America https://sharemods.com/t0n9ljgahyw9/Mega_Resources_GREAT_AMERICA_Patch_v2.scs.html
Great America 1.5.6 https://sharemods.com/ntzj28opctbx/great_america_1.5.6.zip.html
Great America-Montana Road Connection https://sharemods.com/yd85i8f0lwak/montana_GA_road_connection.zip.html
Elko & Redding retouched https://sharemods.com/72ykewfud663/Elko_and_Redding_retouched_2.scs.html
Alaska Ice Road Map Alpha v4.5 Fixed https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/178RpCxBAu4uIUz1Wl_m6vWTvNxDEs250
Bellingham Heights Improvements 3.1  https://drive.google.com/file/d/1MWBJc2s2u6nREyyDqvXfEbVEiegG613R/view
Mega Resources C2C Patch v.3 https://sharemods.com/a0alfpeamdry/Mega_Resources_C2C_Patch_v3.scs.html
Alaska Ferry Replacement by Wombat https://sharemods.com/48ikhcragh0e/AIR_Ferry_replacement.scs.html
Hemil’s Route Advisor for 1.38 https://sharemods.com/7mfmt6vj9nr8/Route_Adviser_1.38.scs.html
Mini Mirrors https://sharemods.com/yidd9g88i6eu/Mini_Mirrors_ETS2.scs.html
Background map – you can choose preferred map BG here https://roextended.ro/forum/viewtopic.php?f=9&t=20

Rusmap 2.1 for 1.37 released

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Amazing map of Russia for ETS2 1.37 just released with major updates including rescale of some territories:

Ready for 1.37
New city Polotsk
New prefabs, models and companies
Fixed bugs from previous version
Partial rescale, transposed Volgograd, Saratov and Engels cities
Updated railway crossings
Moved outdated roadworks
Updated old roads
Expanded Belarus
many other updates

Links for the map (files must be placed in one folder and unpack – just launch the first one):
Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5

Please keep original authors links if you share

Credits: aldim@tor, Sergey061, schura774

Update of RMP: Heilbronn 1:1 for 1.37

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Beautiful 1:1 scale standalone map of German region Heilbronn was released with numerous updates and compatible with latest 1.37 patch. Please find below changelog for version 1.1:

  • A6: expanded (east) -> expanded to exit of Crailsheim with new exit’s, cities and industrial zones
  • A81: expanded (north) -> expanded to Osterburken
  • A81: Neuenstadt to Möckmühl reworked and added realistic restplaces
  • A81: Untergruppenbach to Ilsfeld –> complete rebuild
  • New City “Bad Rappenau” with connection Road added
  • A6: Cross Weinsberg to Bretzfeld -> complete rebuild
  • A6: Cross Weinsberg to HN/Zentrum / Neckarsulm reworked
  • A6: Roadwork from Cross Weinsberg to Bad Rappenau is now expanded and up to date like RL. Also some parts have been reworked
  • A6: Roadwork of the new Neckartal Bridge updated (Heilbronn to Neckarsulm)
  • A6: Restplace Neckarsulm to Kreuz Weinsberg removed (Roadwork in RL)
  • A6: Rastplatz Hohenlohe -> complete reworked (now its like rl)
  • New Autobahn Sightseeing signs added (thanks to Dan89)
  • Entrace/Exit of the Industrial Area in HN-Neckargartach reworked
  • bugs fixed